FMG RESOURCES LIMITED has demonstrated its ability to focus on
improving performance in the area of contract management. In our contract
management scheme, we have developed several means of ensuring that
contracts are properly managed and executed to the satisfaction of the
customer. Products and services are verified, stored and maintained. All
customer-supplied products must be adequately taken care of. Where we
have unsuitable/defective customer-supplied materials, such materials are
identified, tagged and placed in protective custody to avoid damage while we
make arrangements for their replacement. Furthermore, in our contract
management scheme, we have records for process control. These records
help us ensure that all operational activities of the company are carried out
under controlled conditions to achieve desired output.

FMG RESOURCES LIMITED ensures that equipment are inspected and
tested under the contract management scheme before delivery to our client.
We monitor the level of conformances of materials, work activities and
completed services to ensure that they meet standard requirements. This applies to all materials and equipment, as well as our work processes and activities.