Advanced Online Desanding Technology (AOD)

Risks of Sand in Production Vessels

The presence of sand in production vessels reduces capacity and affects separation performance, which leads to deteriorating produced water quality and the carry-over of water in the oil phase. If not controlled, the sand can cause a separator to be taken offline and manually cleaned. This exposes facility crew members to process hazards and may damage downstream equipment.

Conventional sand management techniques require a shutdown of 10 to 14 days for manual sand removal, resulting in a significant delay and additional expense. Following this, oil-on-sand discharge rules may limit disposal options and compel the storage of some or all of the sand.

Hence, FMG Resources Ltd, with support from Stork brings to you, smart sand management. We will appreciate, if we can be availed the opportunity to make a Hybrid presentation on Advanced Online De-sanding (AOD), to show how it can add value to operations.