Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

Automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) is a type of ultrasonic testing technique that utilises computerised methods to drive the ultrasonic scanning device around the part being scanned. AUT may include computer software that helps operator while scanning a metal piece for defects. AUT lowers the ultrasonic scanning time for multiple applications.

Automated UT testing utilizes some essential components like transducers, receivers, computers and display screens. Operators need to interpret and analyse the results and they need to set up the automated ultrasonic testing equipment on a new metal piece once a scan is completed. AUT is widely used in the pipeline industry.

Advantages of Automated Ultrasonic Testing 

Despite the fact that whether you are using it in-service or during the production, automated ultrasonic testing equipment optimizes the inspection process. An automated ultrasonic testing machine boosts inspection speed, delivers accurate data and lowers the inspection cost comprehensively. Hence, it enables better visualization and documentation of different inspections.

Automated ultrasonic testing equipment allows visualization and documentation of:

Advantages of Automated Ultrasonic Testing 

Concerning the extensive and diverse use of AUT in different industrial applications, the AUT techniques have evolved over the years and become more accurate. The following are some popular automated ultrasonic testing techniques used in different industries.